Finnix 109 release notes

Finnix, the LiveCD for system administrators
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Finnix 109
Finnix 107 boot.png
Release date 2013-11-14
Based on Debian testing (2013-11-03)
Kernel Linux 3.10
Packages x86 (422), PowerPC (414)


Filename Arch Size Released OpenPGP BitTorrent
finnix-109.iso x86 131 MiB 2013-11-14 Signature Torrent
finnix-ppc-109.iso PowerPC 135 MiB 2013-11-14 Signature Torrent

Major new features

Finnix 109 includes a number of new features and bug fixes. Linux kernel 3.10 is included, USB 3.0 boot support has been fixed, PowerPC G5 automatic fan / thermal control has been implemented, and "nomodeset" is now passed by default, increasing boot compatibility on many Radeon graphics cards.

Minimal build support added to Project NEALE

Project NEALE, the system to build Finnix releases, has been extended with a new "minimal" mode. This mode builds an ISO with just enough software to start up and shut down, and excludes the hundreds of sysadmin utilities found on a normal Finnix ISO. Remasterers and developers may use this as a base for their own software and utilities, rather than basing on full Finnix releases. For more information, please see the Project NEALE page.


  • For general troubleshooting and notes, please see Documentation.
  • As of Finnix 120, Finnix 109 is the recommended legacy release of Finnix for 32-bit 586, 686 and PowerPC architectures.

Signature verification

To verify download integrity, please use the provided OpenPGP signature. Download finnix-109.iso (the main file) and finnix-109.iso.gpg (the detached signature), then run:

gpg --recv-keys 867279B83BF8E815A236D39E7D6F85C04356E6C2
gpg --verify finnix-109.iso.gpg finnix-109.iso

The verification output should look similar to below:

gpg: Signature made using RSA key 867279B83BF8E815A236D39E7D6F85C04356E6C2
gpg: Good signature from "Finnix Release Signing Key <>"

Be sure to explicitly check the reported signature matches Finnix Release Signing Key's OpenPGP signature, 8672 79B8 3BF8 E815 A236 D39E 7D6F 85C0 4356 E6C2.

The following non-signature hashes are also available. While verifying the OpenPGP signature is preferred, these can be used as lower-trust verification, as long as the entire hash is verified.


For a full list of changes, see the Finnix 109 Launchpad milestone list.