Finnix 86.0 release notes

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  • Packages: x86 (336 packages)


Filename Arch Size Released
finnix-86.0.iso x86 97.1MiB 2005-10-23

MD5 Checksums

3d82c200a4bbe6d8b1b9b3a2fa07b7bc  finnix-86.0.iso
cf12f99496180d2896c5fb146be998a4  finnix-86.0-pre3.iso
a20e2df1999c461b2d88485972eb030b  finnix-86.0-pre2.iso

Warning: Both finnix-86.0-pre2.iso and finnix-86.0-pre3.iso have the same file sizes (110,264,320 bytes), but are different. Please refer to the MD5 checksums to be sure.

Finnix pre-releases do not include an optimized CD layout; files needed by the init scripts are not arranged at the beginning of the physical CD. As such, the CD may perform slightly slower. Final versions are optimized.

Known Issues

86.0 Final

  • The CD does not eject with any reliability upon shutdown. The cause has been identified, and was fixed in Finnix 86.1. As a workaround, you can use "finnix toram" to copy the disc contents to RAM, at which point the CD will reliably eject during boot. RAM copying does not take long, and can be done with as little as 192MB RAM.
  • apt segfaults when trying to install lm-sensors from within the CD environment. This is caused by a unionfs bug, and has been fixed in Finnix 86.1. Additionally, lm-sensors will be included in future versions of Finnix.
  • All binaries in the cpuburn package, except burnMMX and burnBX, segfault immediately after launch. This is caused by a libc mismatch, and has been fixed in Finnix 86.1. As a workaround, burnMMX will work, but will not be as efficient, as, say, burnP6 or burnK7.


  • 86.0-pre3 is labeled as 86.0-pre2 during startup. To verify you have the correct image, check MD5 sums of the ISO itself against the release notes, or try "memtest" at the boot prompt. If memtest starts, you have 86.0-pre3.
  • "PCMCIA found, starting cardmgr... done" does not contain a linebreak at the end.
  • Before shutdown, the CD does not eject with any reliability. There have not been any problems with ejection after "finnix toram" finishes copying the CD to ramdisk, though.
  • "finnix nousb2" is broken, it disables all USB detection instead of USB2 only.


86.0-pre3 -> 86.0

  • Fixed linebreak after PCMCIA check
  • Fixed usb boot options ("nousb2" disabled USB completely before)
  • Changed SCSI/USB/Firewire boot options to "opt-in": bootusb/bootusb2/bootfirewire/bootscsi options added. Please see the Finnix FAQ if you want to boot from SCSI/USB/Firewire.
  • apt-get -u dist-upgrade
  • Added hwtools, debootstrap
  • Changed shortened directory in bash prompt to full directory
  • Reduced distro size:
  • Moved from cloop to squashfs
  • Removed kernels from /boot, moved kernel config to isolinux dir
  • Stripped unionfs.ko
  • Removed sound/video-caputre kernel devices

86.0-pre2 -> 86.0-pre3

  • Brown paper bag release :(
  • Fixed broken config item preventing memtest from loading

86.0-pre1 (unreleased) -> 86.0-pre2

  • Removed locales, mysql-client
  • Added parted, partimage, wpasupplicant, openvpn, nmap, p7zip, hello, xfsprogs, attr, unionfs-utils
  • Added copyright info to initrd
  • Fixed formatting of multiple CPUs in autoconfig
  • Changed cdpr to self-made .deb file
  • Added color to bash prompt
  • Short-circuited ssmtp to local machine
  • Added finnix user to sudoers
  • Added warning to sshd if no root password is set yet
  • Changed initrd graphic
  • apt-get -u dist-upgrade
  • Moved knoppix scripts to packages
  • Upgraded memtest86+ to 1.65
  • Made CD ejectable before shutdown
  • Added "toram" boot option
  • Fixed ramdisk size calculation (ramdisk is now always up to 80% of the memory available at the time it was created)
  • Linked busybox against uclibc instead of glibc
  • Replaced static-linked insmod/rmmod with busybox equivalents
  • Upgraded isolinux to 3.11
  • Upgraded kernel to