Finnix 86.1 release notes

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  • Packages: x86 (346 packages), PowerPC (336 packages)
  • Build: 1435 (x86), 40 (PowerPC)


Filename Arch Size Released
finnix-86.1.iso x86 99.5MiB 2005-11-21
finnix-ppc-86.1.iso PowerPC 114MiB 2005-11-21

MD5 Checksums

c40bd3b56b19b44834b15ced337c302a  finnix-86.1.iso
32e193361c5de480b548e137e4c928e6  finnix-ppc-86.1.iso
2d129d3525384369fa271ddb8ae456d0  finnix-86.1-pre1.iso
f80fcdb51f4d18f8ecf1476b25e0ddff  finnix-ppc-86.1-pre1.iso

Finnix pre-releases do not include an optimized CD layout; files needed by the init scripts are not arranged at the beginning of the physical CD. As such, the CD may perform slightly slower. Final versions are optimized.

Known Issues

  • When running Finnix-on-Finnix, detaching from the screen session kills networking to the guest. This was fixed in Finnix 86.2.
  • When booting from a USB thumb drive, Finnix does not attempt to mount /dev/sd?4, and cannot find the Finnix image. This was fixed in Finnix 86.2. As a workaround, add "bootscsi" to the syslinux.cfg append lines, even if you do not have a SCSI system.


86.1-pre1 -> 86.1

  • Added /proc/cmdline and lspci -vvn to finnix-hwsubmit
  • finnix-hwsubmit now runs in UML without warning
  • Changed "squashroot=..." to "root=... squashroot" on UML initrd
  • Modified "User-Mode Linux" -> "User Mode Linux" in autoconfig
  • Changed initrds to proper dual "/linuxrc" / "/sbin/init"
  • Removed popularity-contest
  • Removed SELinux warning before init

86.0 -> 86.1-pre1

  • CD now reliably ejects before shutdown
  • / itself is now writable (mkdir /foo)
  • Fixed bug where /etc dpkg files remained after mastering
  • Made /tmp writable by non-superuser
  • apt-get -u dist-upgrade
  • Approx 1MB more memory is now available after boot
  • Added ability to do "finnix toram testcd"
  • Upgraded Linux kernel to
  • Added debug breakpoint immediately before shutdown
  • Added spinners to TERM/KILL messages during shutdown
  • Replaced autoconfigure "progress bar" with simple spinner
  • Added dvdrtools, vsftpd, lm-sensors
  • Upgraded unionfs to 1.1.1
  • Added Finnix-specific deb repository
  • Cleaned up files in /var
  • Moved /mnt and /selinux from unionfs to ramdisk
  • Changed clock configuration "UTC" to "local"
  • Added finnix-hwsubmit program
  • dmesg is now dumped to /var/log/dmesg on bootup
  • Switched from pump to dhclient; output goes to/var/log/dhclient.ethX
  • Added "finnix sshd" for automatic ssh startup
  • Added fix for properly detecting 3ware 9000 cards
  • Added /proc/config.gz kernel option
  • Unionfs is now compiled directly into the kernel
  • Modified init scripts for UML/Xen, added "uml"/"xen" params
  • Added UML SKAS patches and UML client config ("finnix create")
  • Added PowerPC port