Finnix 86.2 release notes

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  • Linux 2.6.15
  • Debian testing (2006-01-06)
  • Unionfs 1.1.1
  • Squashfs 2.2r2
  • Packages: x86 (343 packages), PowerPC (336 packages)
  • Build: 1504 (x86), 60 (PowerPC)


Filename Arch Size Released
finnix-86.2.iso x86 92.0MiB 2006-01-08
finnix-ppc-86.2.iso PowerPC 113MiB 2006-01-08

MD5 Checksums

0b2dbd021ca0a16cc89de337c8089836  finnix-86.2.iso
d67e64f2034ef7cbb58f5b2d727e2bf6  finnix-ppc-86.2.iso

GPG Signatures


Version: GnuPG v1.4.2 (GNU/Linux)



Version: GnuPG v1.4.2 (GNU/Linux)


Known Issues

  • finnix-hwsubmit has a typo that prevents the output of "lspci -vvn" being sent with the report. An update has been released online. Before using finnix-hwsubmit, please type "apt-get update", then "apt-get install finnix-scripts". This update will be included with the next released version of Finnix.


86.1 -> 86.2

  • apt-get -u dist-upgrade
  • Fixed finnix-on-finnix loss of networking after a screen detach
  • Fixed need for "bootscsi" flag while booting off a USB thumb drive
  • Added "service" script
  • Added debug breakpoint immediately before shutdown procedure
  • Added "umldebug" alias to "debug" in scripts
  • Added UML/Xen auto-detection; "uml"/"xen" params no longer needed
  • Added /proc/meminfo and lspci to finnix-hwsubmit
  • Added: squashfs-tools, uml-utilities, evms, evms-cli, libevms-2.5, mc, hwdata-finnix, zsplit, scrub, finnix-release
  • Removed: libstdc++5, gcc-3.3-base, libdb4.1, libroken16-kerberos4kth, libdb3, libdbi-perl, libapt-pkg-perl, libconfig-inifiles-perl, libplrpc-perl, python2.4, libnet-daemon-perl, python2.4-minimal, hwdata-knoppix
  • Upgraded Linux kernel to 2.6.15
  • Changed "finnix" utility to be a general-purpose curses program
  • Changed finnix-hwsubmit to curses-based program
  • Changed "su -" inittab entries to wrapper
  • Changed boot banner
  • Recompiled bonnie++ to use libstdc++6 instead of libstdc++5 ([1])
  • Expanded UML functionality via the "finnix" utility
  • "debug" will not disable printing kernel messages during initrd/autoconfig
  • Merged autoconfig scripts for UML and non-UML setups
  • Cleaned up /usr/share/doc-base
  • Removed local apt package cache from final build (saves about 5MB compressed)
  • Removed /etc/init.d/finnix-autoconfig-strace, replaced with runtime "strace" flag
  • Updated hwdata with data from FC4
  • Improved USB booting reliability (USB CDROM drives and thumb drives)
  • Changed "bootusb2" to "nobootusb2" (will load EHCI drivers by default if "bootusb" is specified)
  • If "bootusb" is specified, HID (USB keyboard) drivers will be loaded on x86
  • Due to USB booting "settle times", if a Finnix image is not found, Finnix will try 3 more times over the course of 30 seconds. If nothing is still found, the user will be given a chance to manually mount a Finnix image.
  • Added extra /dev entries to initrd and main filesystem
  • Added "finnixfile" and "root" boot parameters
  • Finnix can now be installed to a hard drive