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  • Linux 2.6.16
  • Debian testing (2006-03-27)
  • Unionfs dev 20060322-0043 (based on 1.1.3)
  • Squashfs 2.2r2
  • Packages: x86 (356 packages), PowerPC (347 packages)
  • Build: 1617 (x86), 87 (PowerPC)


Filename Arch Size Released
finnix-87.0.iso x86 96.2MiB 2006-03-31
finnix-ppc-87.0.iso PowerPC 119MiB 2006-03-31

MD5 Checksums

3d608318ace32079b66a554c88833ea5  finnix-87.0.iso
ae52a2e4f0c0eaf249a0424370f4f4de  finnix-ppc-87.0.iso

GPG Signatures


Version: GnuPG v1.4.2 (GNU/Linux)



Version: GnuPG v1.4.2 (GNU/Linux)


Hard Drive Upgrades

To upgrade permanent Finnix installations that were created via the hard drive installation notes, please see the Upgrades section. In addition:

  • The zsplit package has been split into two packages: zsplit and unzsplit. This was done because upstream manages the programs via two separate source trees (why it is done this way is unknown). If you use these programs, be sure to execute "apt-get install unzsplit" after upgrading.
  • Finnix init scripts now include mouse (gpm) support, if present. If you would like mouse support, execute "apt-get install gpm" after upgrading.
  • In previous versions of Finnix, /sbin/init was a statically-compiled binary, which is needed for proper shutdown on a bootable CD. This was acheived by a "sysvinit-static" package that diverted the original /sbin/init from the "sysvinit" package. Because of this, all packages related to sysvinit were held in dpkg, to prevent future upgrades from breaking the "sysvinit-static" package. Finnix 87.0's CD operation avoids this by copying in its own static init binary from the initrd. To revert this situation, the following steps should be executed after the dist-upgrade. (If you don't, it doesn't hurt anything currently; sysvinit will just never be upgraded.)
# dpkg --set-selections <<EOM
initscripts install
sysv-rc install
sysvinit install
sysvinit-static install
# dpkg --purge sysvinit-static
# apt-get install initscripts sysv-rc sysvinit

Known Issues

  • A rather nasty bug in a unionfs CVS snapshot for 2.6.16 has made installing via apt-get impossible. However, there is a workaround. You must move /var/lib/apt and /var/cache/apt to /tmp and reconfigure apt to use these new directories. A script has been released that makes this easier. Simply do:
# sh <(curl

This requires about 15MB of memory available, and should be done before an apt-get update, otherwise it will take up another 15MB of memory.


86.2 -> 87.0

  • apt-get -u dist-upgrade
  • Added: rdiff-backup, memtester, finnix-3ware-install, mii-diag, gpm, rlwrap
  • Fixed problem with output of "lspci -vvn" not being included with finnix-hwsubmit report
  • Added LVM autodetection (setup, mount points and swap, plus "nolvm")
  • Cleaned up boot display messages
  • Moved utmp/wtmp wiping from initrd to autoconfig
  • Removed "expert"/"modules-disk" boot flags (code was problematic; manual loading of unsupported modules should be manually done through "debug" mode instead)
  • Added gpm mouse support, with "nomouse" boot option
  • Upgraded unionfs 1.1.1 to dev 20060322-0043
  • Added ext2 to filesystems to scan for CD images
  • x86 dev snapshots now have a red-tinted banner to easily distinguish it as a dev build
  • "finnix sshd" now stops sshd cleanly upon shutdown/reboot
  • "finnix sshd" will not change the root password if a password is already set (IE, hard drive installs)
  • "finnix sshd" will not start ssh if it is already set to start in runlevel 2
  • Fixed default nameservers on PowerPC image
  • Removed sysvinit-static, /sbin/init is now copied in from the initrd as a static binary
  • 32-bit PowerPC kernel now includes SMP support
  • Overlay support added (overlay directory structures on top of the main Finnix filesystem without having to remaster the squashfs filesystem)
  • Added rw boot parameter for mounting a bootable USB thumbdrive in read-write mode
  • When a three-finger-salue is performed during the final countdown on shutdown/reboot, the system will now be rebooted immediately
  • Added finnix-thumbdrive, a program to automate the steps needed to copy Finnix to a USB thumb drive
  • PowerPC G5 support confirmed working, but without automatic fan control (thanks Mark)
  • Modularized IDE system, added "nobootide" boot flag
  • Specialized IDE drivers are now loaded when "dma" boot flag is specified
  • On x86, if nothing is typed at the boot prompt within 60 seconds, the first hard drive is booted instead of Finnix