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Finnix, the LiveCD for system administrators
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  • Buford, Cory (July 2008). Finnix: Compact Linux distribution for system administrators.
    Despite the absence of a GUI, Finnix's wealth of tools and utilities should be enough to satisfy system administrators or others tasked with system recovery. While recovery offerings such as Hiren's BootCD are effective, Finnix can be more flexible, especially when you use the utilities along with proper scripting to their full extent.
  • Smith, Jesse (August 2011). DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 418. DistroWatch
    Finnix is not a distro for most people, but for gurus comfortable on the command line who find themselves doing a lot of damage control, it's a useful tool to carry with you.


  • Smith, Roderick (2000). Linux Samba Server Administration (First ed.). Sybex. p. 463. ISBN 0782127401
    A few Linux distributions (including Slackware) ship with a "live" Linux filesystem on a CD-ROM. This means that the CD-ROM is bootable and will boot to a working Linux system, much of which exists on the CD-ROM. […] Finnix ( is a specialized CD-ROM-based Linux distribution.
  • Hall, Michael; Proffitt, Brian (2001). The Joy of Linux - A Gourmet Guide to Open Source (First ed.). Prima Tech. p. 298. ISBN 0761531513
    Finnix ( A self-contained, portable Linux distribution. Based on Red Hat 6.1.

Journals / Scholar

  • Surie, A.; Perrig, A.; Satyanarayanan, M.; Farber, D.J. (2006). "Rapid Trust Establishment for Transient Use of Unmanaged Hardware". School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University CMU-CS-06-176 (8).
    We format the USB device with the FAT filesystem, and use the Finnix distribution as the operating system. […] It is more suitable for our purposes than Knoppix because it is a stripped-down distribution intended for administration purposes, it boots faster and has a small footprint. It also has native support for Logical Volume Management (LVM), which many distributions, including Fedora Core, use to manage storage. The Finnix ISO image is less than 100MB, so a memory stick with 128MB would be sufficient, as mentioned earlier.
  • Surie, A. (2007). "Improving Mobile Infrastructure for Pervasive Personal Computing". School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University CMU-CS-07-163 (15).
    The trust initiator is partitioned, formatted and loaded with the Finnix bootable OS. […] Finnix provides excellent support for devices, and automatic hardware detection. It is suitable for the Trust-Sniffer system because it boots quickly and has a small footprint (less than 100MB). It also has native support for Logical Volume Management (LVM), which many Linux distributions use to manage storage.