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ISO build

  1. Check deborphan
  2. Update finnix-release package, make sure /etc/finnix-version is updated by package
  3. Bump all finnix packages to new minor version
  4. Move contents of dev to testing on
  5. Edit /etc/apt/sources.lst, comment out dev line
  6. apt-get update, update finnix packages
  7. for i in /var/lib/apt/lists/*_{Release,Packages,InRelease}; do >$i; touch -t 198103190000.00 $i; done; apt-get check
  8. Verify initrd scripts and stage scripts are identical between x86 and powerpc
  9. stage1 && stage2
  10. Produce order lists:
    1. Boot CDs, finnix strace
    2. finnix-strace-reorder </tmp/thestrace >finnix.order
    3. Copy finnix.order to build machine, stuff directory
    4. stage1 && stage2
  11. Re-point "current" symlink at release dir


  1. Update Cheat codes with new/changed options
  2. Write documentation for new features
  3. Finish Finnix dev release notes, (MD5, GPG, download table, etc)
  4. Create Finnix 999.9 packages and Finnix-PPC 999.9 packages
    • COLUMNS=120 dpkg -l
  5. Create Category:Finnix 999.9
  6. Lock Finnix dev release notes
  7. Move Finnix dev release notes to Finnix 999.9 release notes
  8. Update:


  1. Blog, Announcements section
  2. Mailing list
  3. !Finnix
  4. Sourceforge news
  5. Freshmeat release