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All of Finnix's ISO releases are available via BitTorrent. You can find these links on the main page (for the most recent release), and on each release's release notes page. The current release is always served by multiple seeders, but older releases frequently have no seeds available.

Finnix torrents point to an IPv4-only primary tracker, and an IPv6-only secondary tracker. If you have IPv6 and would like to take advantage of both trackers, a relatively modern BitTorrent client is needed.


Once you are finished downloading via BitTorrent, please leave your client open for however long you can, to seed to other downloaders. Your contribution is appreciated.

If you would like to be a dedicated seeder, there are several options available to you. Finnix publishes several RSS feeds of torrents, and the preferred feed is:

This feed contains the last two releases in both x86 and PPC flavors. The approximate download size is 450MB for the 4 ISOs. Additionally, before Finnix releases are made, this feed will be updated with the unreleased version, usually at least a few days before release. This way, you automatically help build the seeds in preparation for a release, and you can get new Finnix releases before they are officially released!

Other feeds are available:

The following BitTorrent clients are known to support RSS feeds: