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On x86/AMD64 architectures, Finnix supports booting off a USB flash drive (USB thumb drive, USB pen drive, etc). It can be set up manually, but the easiest way is to use a helper program. Supported methods are listed below.

Warning: As these programs need to move files around and do not update various checksum files, "testcd" and forensic modes will not work on the created product.

Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer works the best with Finnix and has explicit support for it, but unfortunately it is Windows-only.

Download and run UUI, select "Finnix" from the dropdown, select your Finnix ISO, select your USB flash drive, then click "Create".


UNetbootin will work, and has the advantage of multiple OS support (Windows, Linux, OS X), but it does not have explicit Finnix support and tends to mangle the boot menu.

Download and run UNetbootin, select the "Diskimage" radio button, click "..." to select your Finnix ISO, select your USB flash drive, then click "OK" to create.

Once booted into the USB flash drive, arrow down and select either "Boot Finnix (32-bit)" or "Boot Finnix (64-bit)". Do not use the "default" or "menu" options at the top.

Direct USB write

As of Finnix 107, you can write the ISO directly to the USB flash drive. For example, on a Linux platform:

# dd if=finnix.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

Be sure to replace /dev/sdb with the actual USB flash drive. Note that with this method, any excess space on the flash drive will not be usable.