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* [[Balder]], a single disk DOS distro based on FreeDOS
* [[Balder]], a single disk DOS distro based on FreeDOS
* [[Forensics]]
* [[Forensics]]
* [[Restoring bootloaders]]
===Expanding Finnix===
===Expanding Finnix===

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Expanding Finnix




First of all, be sure you are running the latest version of Finnix. Releases older than the current version are generally not supported.

Known issues

For current known issues, see the current release notes and the bug tracker on Launchpad.


Finnix includes a utility called finnix-hwsubmit that lets you submit details about your hardware platform to me for consideration. Finnix-hwsubmit includes pieces of information (Finnix version, loaded modules, lspci output and dmesg), and lets you add details about your system, including any problems (undetected hardware, etc). Any information submitted is voluntary and optional, and may eventually be viewed by the public, so don't include any information you don't want the world to see. Please consider running finnix-hwsubmit, even if everything booted up fine, as it lets me see what kind of hardware Finnix has been run on.

Bugs and feature requests

To report a bug or suggest a new feature, please use the bug tracker on Launchpad.

Finnix discussion

For general Finnix discussion, please use the mailing list.