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[[Image:Finnix 100 boot.png|right|320px]]
{{Infobox Finnix release
| title        = Finnix 100
* Linux 2.6.32 (based on Debian 2.6.32-26)
| image        = Finnix 100 boot.png
* Debian testing (2010-10-26)
| release date = 2010-10-28
* Packages: [[Finnix 100 packages|x86]] (371)
| based on     = Debian testing (2010-10-26)
* {{Dev codename}}: Oconto
| kernel      = Linux 2.6.32
* Build: 2359 (x86)
| packages    = [[Finnix 100 packages|x86]] (371)
| dev codename = Oconto
| build        = 2359 (x86)
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"

Latest revision as of 20:25, 19 January 2013

Finnix 100
Finnix 100 boot.png
Release date 2010-10-28
Based on Debian testing (2010-10-26)
Kernel Linux 2.6.32
Packages x86 (371)
Build number 2359 (x86)


Filename Arch Size Released
finnix-100.iso x86 125 MiB 2010-10-28

MD5 checksums

f100ffa1d470b7d119979c58f18bb6b1  finnix-100.iso

GPG signatures


Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Major new features

PowerPC support dropped

PowerPC will no longer be a release goal for Finnix, with PowerPC builds not expected to be produced in the future. The last released version of Finnix-PPC, Finnix-PPC 93.0 is still usable with a wide range of PowerPC systems and can be used for PowerPC system administration.

New version scheme

With the release of Finnix 100, Finnix will be using simple incrementing versions for future versions (101, 102, etc), rather than a major/minor version scheme.

New Linux kernel

Linux 2.6.32 is included with Finnix 100. Upstream Debian (and Ubuntu) sources now contain both UnionFS and AUFS, meaning Debian/Ubuntu kernels could be used directly with Finnix. (Finnix still uses modified kernels to reduce size.)

finnix-thumbdrive removed, UNetbootin recommended

The finnix-thumbdrive utility has been removed, and it is suggested that you use UNetbootin instead. UNetbootin can take a Finnix ISO and write it to a bootable USB drive from your Windows or Linux desktop, without the need to boot Finnix.


93.0 -> 100

  • dist-upgrade
  • Upgraded kernels to 2.6.32 (Debian 2.6.32-26).
  • Upgraded Memtest86+ to 4.10.
  • Many fixes related to Debian and Linux upgrades.
  • Changed auto mount creation point from /mnt to /media.
  • Fixed inclusion of network module dependencies when generating a netboot initrd.
  • Removed finnix-thumbdrive (use UNetbootin instead)
  • Switched from unionfs2 to aufs for union filesystem (aufs is included in Debian kernels now; technically Finnix can now be run on "stock" unmodified Debian kernels).
  • Added ability for compressed root filesystem (/FINNIX directory) to be placed inside initrd
  • Added ability to skip shutdown/reboot countdown by pressing Enter during the countdown
  • Changed default DNS servers from defunct provider to Google Public DNS