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* Debian testing (2010-12-20)
* Debian testing (2010-12-20)
* Packages: [[Finnix 101 packages|x86]] (365), [[Finnix-PPC 101 packages|PowerPC]] (359)
* Packages: [[Finnix 101 packages|x86]] (365), [[Finnix-PPC 101 packages|PowerPC]] (359)
* Development codename: Wausau
* {{Dev codename}}: Wausau
* Build: 2473 (x86), 223 (PowerPC)
* Build: 2473 (x86), 223 (PowerPC)

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Finnix 100 boot.png


  • Linux 2.6.36 (based on Debian 2.6.36-1~experimental.1)
  • Debian testing (2010-12-20)
  • Packages: x86 (365), PowerPC (359)
  • Template:Dev codename: Wausau
  • Build: 2473 (x86), 223 (PowerPC)


Filename Arch Size Released BitTorrent
finnix-101.iso x86 128 MiB 2010-12-25 Torrent
finnix-ppc-101.iso PowerPC 145 MiB 2010-12-25 Torrent

MD5 checksums

f101ff67e76b9700fa73b0c6a73b8d49  finnix-101.iso
f101ff83eb742e0c42e89cb6a3dabf54  finnix-ppc-101.iso

GPG signatures


Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)



Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Major new features

PowerPC support returns

After a show of public support, Finnix is once again producing PowerPC releases. Finnix is one of the only dedicated Linux LiveCDs with PowerPC support, and we are happy to continue serving the PowerPC community. Note that PowerPC releases are still not considered release goals, but in the future a lack of a PowerPC release will only happen under extraordinary circumstances.

Behind-the-scenes re-engineering

While using Finnix still has its same familiar look, much of the core infrastructure which comprises Finnix has been re-engineered. Many of the changes are intended to make development and re-development (remastering) easier and more powerful, and to help with deployment by Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers. Changes include a new CD filesystem layout, an enclosed remastering environment, a Finnix-specific SysV-compatible RC system, and componentized Finnix RC scripts.

Linux 2.6.36

Due to Debian testing being in deep freeze, the most recent kernel in either "testing" or "unstable" is 2.6.32. Therefore, a set of 2.6.36 kernels have been compiled based on 2.6.36-1~experimental.1 from Debian "experimental". Despite the "experimental" name, these kernels have been tested more heavily than the average Finnix release, and have proven to be very stable.

Hardware Detection Tool (HDT) added

On the X86 CD, Hardware Detection Tool has been added to the boot menu. This allows users to view system information (processor, memory, PCI devices, etc) quickly, without booting into a full operating system.

Known issues

  • The /etc/fstab file and /media directories are not updated when new media is added or removed. To manually run the update script, run rebuildfstab
  • The console= boot flag will trigger syntax errors if one console is specified, and will fail if multiple consoles are specified. Reported by Nathan O'Sullivan.
  • The finnix-rc-clean, which was previously used to remove Debian symlinks in /etc/rc*.d/ for replacement by Finnix scripts, was erroneously left in the distribution. With Finnix-specific startup scripts now in /etc/finnix/rc*.d/ and Debian startup scripts now left in /etc/rc*.d/, this script should not be used, and will be removed with the next version.


100 -> 101

  • dist-upgrade
  • Upgraded kernels to 2.6.36 (Debian 2.6.36-1~experimental.1)
  • Added Hardware Detection Tool (HDT) to boot menu (x86)
  • Changed default DNS servers on netboot initrd from defunct provider to Google Public DNS (missed during Google DNS change for Finnix 100)
  • Restructured /FINNIX CD layout to:
    • /finnix/arch.map
    • /finnix/arch/{x86,ppc}/root.img
    • /finnix/arch/{x86,ppc}/overlays/name.img (optional)
    • /finnix/arch/{x86,ppc}/overlays/name/ (optional)
    • /finnix/arch/{x86,ppc}/rc/test.sh (optional)
    • /finnix/arch/indep/overlays/name.img (optional)
    • /finnix/arch/indep/overlays/name/ (optional)
    • /finnix/arch/indep/rc/test.sh (optional)
    • /md5sums
  • Added finnix-netboot-biginit
  • Fixed finnix-chroot-dev bug preventing /sbin/start-stop-daemon from being upgraded
  • Worked around a false positive/abort in openssh-server dpkg files during upgrade
  • Upgraded static uclibc versions of initrd pcimodules and init
  • Changed initrd to automatically detect AUFS/UnionFS, if possible
  • Removed: bcm43xx-fwcutter ipchains libcap1 libvolume-id1 nfs-user-server convertfs hwtools (no longer in Debian)
  • Added: nfs-kernel-server
  • Fixed Xen boot detection
  • Fixed "nodma" boot option
  • Changed shutdown timer from a 10 one-second countdown to a 5 two-second countdown, to make it easier to enter debug mode
  • Added missing /etc/hosts file (PPC)
  • Changed init RC system to a standalone SysV RC-compatible system in /etc/finnix.
  • Added build scripts as finnix-build-stage1 and finnix-build-stage2.
  • Fixed erroneous "/ramdisk/dev/.../ display from "mount" command.