Finnix 122 release notes

Finnix, the LiveCD for system administrators
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Finnix 122
Finnix 122 boot.png
Release date 2021-02-09
Based on Debian testing (2021-02-06)
Kernel Linux 5.10 (Debian 5.10.0-3)
Packages amd64 (585)


Filename Arch Size Released OpenPGP BitTorrent
finnix-122.iso amd64 411 MiB 2021-02-09 Signature Torrent

Major new features

Finnix 122 includes a number of fixes, new packages and new features:

  • Improved USB flash drive boot compatibility on older BIOSes
  • Improved boot speed
  • Lowered ISO size
  • Added "finnix" getting started command
  • Added "wifi-connect" helper script
  • Manpage cache is now being generated, allowing for `man -k`/`apropos` (finnix/finnix#9)
  • Redesigned boot splash screen
  • Increased boot splash timeout from 15 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Added packages:
    • iozone3 (finnix/finnix#8)
    • rover
    • iw
    • crda
    • wireless-regdb
    • mscompress
    • apg
    • ftp
    • ftp-ssl
    • keyutils

Original tracking issue: finnix/finnix#7


  • No known errata at this time. For general troubleshooting and notes, please see Documentation.

Signature verification

To verify download integrity, please use the provided OpenPGP signature. Download finnix-122.iso (the main file) and finnix-122.iso.gpg (the detached signature), then run:

gpg --recv-keys 867279B83BF8E815A236D39E7D6F85C04356E6C2
gpg --verify finnix-122.iso.gpg finnix-122.iso

The verification output should look similar to below:

gpg: Signature made using RSA key 867279B83BF8E815A236D39E7D6F85C04356E6C2
gpg: Good signature from "Finnix Release Signing Key <>"

Be sure to explicitly check the reported signature matches Finnix Release Signing Key's OpenPGP signature, 8672 79B8 3BF8 E815 A236 D39E 7D6F 85C0 4356 E6C2.

The following non-signature hashes are also available. While verifying the OpenPGP signature is preferred, these can be used as lower-trust verification, as long as the entire hash is verified.


1aefd14ce02b313e712470d5d805061296f105b191f9111eef0d41e97e67956f9a8f5b173e3f2e46330d7c27f27564455458361a6f2a20d6194945d476d50150 finnix-122.iso