Finnix 123 release notes

Finnix, the LiveCD for system administrators
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Finnix 123
Finnix 123 boot.png
Release date 2021-09-06
Based on Debian 11 "bullseye"
Kernel Linux 5.10 (Debian 5.10.0-8)
Packages amd64 (575)


Filename Arch Size Released OpenPGP BitTorrent
finnix-123.iso amd64 412 MiB 2021-09-06 Signature Torrent

Major new features

Finnix 123 includes a number of fixes, new packages and new features:

  • Added kernel command line "sshd" and "passwd" options, example: "sshd passwd=foo", "sshd passwd=root:foo passwd=finnix:bar"
  • The machine ID is now, when possible, stable across reboots and being generated from the DMI. This is used for e.g. the DHCP client ID, so multiple reboots should no longer cycle through dynamic IPs on a network.
  • The `finnix` command now has instructions for how to enable ZFS support
  • Added a basic command-not-found handler; e.g. trying `ftp` will point out `lftp`, and will provide instructions for installing if desired explicitly.
  • Added manpages for Finnix-specific commands (`wifi-connect`, `locale-config`, etc).
  • Added packages: jove
  • Removed packages: ftp, ftp-ssl, zile
  • Includes package updates from upstream Debian. Normally Finnix tracks Debian testing, but as Finnix 123 was released shortly after Debian 11 "bullseye", it is being used as upstream directly.
  • Plus many minor fixes and build enhancements.


  • No known errata at this time. For general troubleshooting and notes, please see Documentation.

Signature verification

To verify download integrity, please use the provided OpenPGP signature. Download finnix-123.iso (the main file) and finnix-123.iso.gpg (the detached signature), then run:

gpg --recv-keys 867279B83BF8E815A236D39E7D6F85C04356E6C2
gpg --verify finnix-123.iso.gpg finnix-123.iso

The verification output should look similar to below:

gpg: Signature made using RSA key 867279B83BF8E815A236D39E7D6F85C04356E6C2
gpg: Good signature from "Finnix Release Signing Key <>"

Be sure to explicitly check the reported signature matches Finnix Release Signing Key's OpenPGP signature, 8672 79B8 3BF8 E815 A236 D39E 7D6F 85C0 4356 E6C2.

The following non-signature hashes are also available. While verifying the OpenPGP signature is preferred, these can be used as lower-trust verification, as long as the entire hash is verified.


816bd61763c064b5 5d0dc3cfa4e8bc79 5437af6976f77c4d a146aeb4a4e65430 c3e16a9d66cd7bd7 3ed3e55cfa7ca22b 02e86a6f2c9b6e33 0c3103025e3e50c8 finnix-123.iso