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This document shows the kernel config changes needed to make a Debian kernel config work with Finnix. This will not let you take any kernel config, especially a kernel defconfig, and make it work with Finnix.


Finnix requires SquashFS (now in mainline) and either UnionFS or AUFS. Debian has been patching AUFS into its kernel sources since approximately Linux 3.0, so it is no longer necessary to patch in AUFS.

  • finnixlogo.patch

Kernel configuration

AMD64 kernel

Xen does not recognize XZ-compressed kernels, but Debian configs now enable XZ compression. Set this to Gzip on the AMD64 kernel.

General setup -> Kernel compression mode

(X) Gzip

Mostly cosmetic change, but many people don't know that the number of penguin logos at bootup correspond to the number of CPUs in the system.

Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Bootup logo

[*] Bootup logo
[*]   Standard black and white Linux logo
[*]   Standard 16-color Linux logo
[*]   Standard 224-color Linux logo

Remove Support

Sound and multimedia support are removed to save on module space.

  • Device Drivers -> Sound card support
  • Device Drivers -> Multimedia support