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Finnix, the LiveCD for system administrators
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Finnix 2011 stickers.jpgFinnix water bottle (sticker).jpgFinnix 2011 iPhone.jpgStill Life with Finnix (sticker).jpg

Click the photos for better quality images.

Want some free stickers? The long Finnix stickers are 4.25" x 1.38", white on black, and the squarish stickers are 2.13" x 2.75", red and white on black. Both designs are high quality, screen-printed vinyl stickers. They're great for laptops, servers, water bottles, bikes, or anything else you can think of.

There are a few ways you can get a pair of Finnix stickers:


Amount: $

Monetary donations support Finnix, and with a donation of $10 or more, you'll get a few stickers.

If you are not interested in stickers, you can still of course donate less than $10. A donation of any amount is gladly appreciated. Please see this page for other ways you can support Finnix. (Donations are not tax deductible, and are considered revenue paid to Velociraptor Aerospace Dynamics, a Nevada limited liability company which legally manages Finnix.)