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* rsync://rsync-master.finnix.org/ - '''dual stack'''
* rsync://rsync-master.finnix.org/ - '''dual stack'''
** Available only to registered Finnix mirrors
** Available only to registered Finnix mirrors

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Finnix will be participating in the World IPv6 Launch, a commitment by sites, ISPs and hardware manufacturers to be ready for IPv6 on or before June 6, 2012. This is a continuation of World IPv6 Day, a test launch of sites' IPv6 services on June 8, 2011.

Nothing will actually be done to Finnix on June 6. All Finnix sites have been IPv6 enabled for several years, and many Finnix mirrors are IPv6 enabled. Finnix is proud to be in this standing, and welcomes World IPv6 Launch to help push the internet forward into the IPv6 era.

This page will be updated as June 6 approaches to enumerate and verify all Finnix services are IPv6 enabled.

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  • Finnix itself - full IPv6 support
    • Finnix supports IPv6 autoconfiguration via Router Advertisements.
    • As of Finnix 104, manual IPv6 configuration is possible at both the userland and NFS boot level via boot parameters.
    • Nearly all software packages installed with Finnix have IPv6 support. Exceptions include:
      • Unknown
  • Web sites
  • finnix.org DNS - dual stack
    • This includes IPv6 DNS glue from root down to finnix.org
  • lists.finnix.org SMTP - dual stack
  • rsync://rsync-master.finnix.org/ - dual stack
    • Available only to registered Finnix mirrors