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All Finnix logos are PNG files with alpha transparency, suitable for image editing. Note: Internet Explorer does not render the below images correctly. Please use Firefox to view these images as they are intended.

Finnix-72pt-72dpi.png Normal
72 point, 72 DPI
72 point, 300 DPI

Finnix-white-72pt-72dpi.png Reverse (white text)
72 point, 72 DPI
72 point, 300 DPI

The above image is actually white on transparent. A black background HTML table is shown to show the intended presentation, and to illustrate alpha transparency.

Logo reproduction

The Finnix logo is somewhat simple to produce, and these instructions are what is needed to reproduce it. However, please do not reproduce the Finnix logo unless needed. The logo is available above in both black and white variants, 72 points at 72 and 300 DPI, which should be sufficient for most needs.

  • The font is Trebuchet MS Bold, and may be recreated in Adobe Photoshop, with "sharp" antialiasing, default "metrics" kerning, and no scaling.
  • The dot of the second "i" is blue (#0000FF).
  • The rest of the text elements must be either black (#000000, preferred) or white (#FFFFFF).
  • The logo must not be upsampled in any way from provided samples. If you require a logo larger than 72 points at 300 DPI, please contact me.
  • The logo may be downsampled, as long as alpha transparency is preserved. If an alpha transparency format (such as PNG) cannot be used, render the image according to the indended display background.


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Finnix 90.0


Finnix 91.0


Finnix 91.1+


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