Finnix, the LiveCD for system administrators
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A full list of mirrors with current status information is available at http://mirrors.finnix.org/.

Become a mirror

The Finnix project is always welcoming new mirrors. Here are the current vital statistics for the Finnix archives:

  • 4.0 GiB as of July 2011; allow for growth up to 1.5 GiB per year
  • 200 GiB - 500 GiB transfer per month, across all mirrors
  • Releases quarterly on average
  • Mostly compressed content in archives

In order to provide effective service to downloaders, we must impose a few mirror requirements:

  • Decent connectivity (DS3 or higher)
  • Enough storage space and aggregate transfer for future growth, see above
  • Ability to rsync from the main archive at least daily

If you are interested in providing mirror services, please email ryan@finnie.org.

If you are an existing Finnix mirror administrator, please see Mirror administration.