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As of Finnix 120, AMD64 64-bit kernel and userland is the default supported configuration. Most x86 CPUs since 2005, and nearly all since 2010 are AMD64, and Finnix has broad compatibility across both Intel and AMD 64-bit CPUs.

Intel Macs are generally supported. Note that recently released Macs tend to have platform incompatibilities that are not yet supported by the Linux kernel, so Finnix is not guaranteed to be usable on very new Macs.

586 / 686

For older 32-bit 586 and 686 CPUs, Finnix 109 is the last release with good support for these systems.

Note that no Finnix release ever supported 486 CPUs.


Finnix 109 is the last release with good support for PowerPC, including G3 (NewWorld), G4 and G5 systems.

When booting Finnix 109 on G5 systems, the "finnix64" boot profile must be specified.

Other architectures

While Finnix is only officially supported on AMD64, finnix-live-build can produce images for several platforms. Tested builds include:

  • AMD64 (default)
  • ARM64, UEFI, tested via qemu-system-arm64
  • PPC64EL, direct kernel boot
  • S390x, direct kernel boot, tested via qemu-system-s390x (though as of 2020-05-30, Debian's 5.6 kernel does not work with QEMU)