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Finnix is available for several platforms, including x86/AMD64 and PowerPC achitectures, as well as support for Xen and User Mode Linux (UML) virtualization systems.


The Finnix x86 CD includes a 32-bit userland, however both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels are included. Even with a 32-bit userland, a native 64-bit AMD64 kernel gives the user the following advantages:

  • Memory support larger than 4GB.
  • The ability to run statically-compiled 64-bit Linux binaries.
  • The ability to chroot into a 64-bit userland.

Intel Macs

Intel Macs are fully supported via the x86 Finnix CD. Note that recently released Macs tend to have platform incompatibilities that are not yet supported by the Linux kernel, so Finnix is not guaranteed to be usable on very new Macs.

Finnix can be booted natively on recent Macs, or any Mac with the Boot Camp EFI update applied. To boot these systems, hold "C" while booting to load the Finnix bootloader.

On Intel Macs without Boot Camp EFI support, rEFIt may be installed to provide legacy BIOS emulation. Once rEFIt is installed, the Finnix CD should show up automatically during boot.


Finnix for PowerPC is officially supported on G5, G4 and NewWorld G3 (Blue and White G3 and iMac G3) systems. Finnix includes support for both ADB and USB input.

When booting Finnix on G5 systems, the "finnix64" boot profile must be specified.

Finnix on OldWorld G3 systems has been known to work, but is not officially supported. To boot Finnix on OldWorld systems, Mac OS 8 or 9 must be installed (NOT classic mode through Mac OS X), and BootX must be installed. You must then boot BootX using the Finnix initrd and 32-bit kernel.


Finnix is aware of and will work with Xen, and is being actively tested during each release. As of Finnix 102, the AMD64 kernel is usable as a pvops guest. For more information, see Finnix for VPS providers.

User Mode Linux

Finnix is aware of and will work with User Mode Linux, though it is no longer being tested during each release. For more information, see Finnix for VPS providers.