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Release frequency


Release schedule

T-4 weeks

Kernel freeze

A final kernel version is decided upon and built. Focus shifts from development to testing.

T-2 weeks

RC freeze

finnix-release package is updated and uploaded. ISOs are produced from NEALE, and from this point, any build produced is considered a true release candidate. If release-critical bugs are found, they are dealt with via individual package updates to the RC NEALE environment, rather than a new full NEALE build. Testing matrix begins.

T-1 week

ISOs mastered

Final ISOs are mastered, and a go/no-go is decided for release.

T-4 days

ISOs uploaded

ISOs are uploaded to the master rsync server, to allow 24 hours for mirrors to sync.

T-3 days

Torrent RSS updated

The BitTorrent RSS feeds are updated to point to the new release.

T-1 day

Announcement prepared

Release announcement draft prepared.


Announcements, etc, etc.

Launchpad updates

Select "Create release" for the milestone. Change "Fix committed" bugs to "Fix released" for any milestone bugs. For any milestone bugs which are not "Fix committed", re-evaluate the bug.