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{{{full name}}}
{{{job title}}}
{{{short quote}}}
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About me

{{{about me}}}

My work

{{{about my work}}}

Contact me

{{{contact me}}}


{{user info
| full name = 
| image name =
| hover text = 
| job title = 
| organization = 
| short quote =
| about me = 
| about my work = 
| contact me = 
| disclaimer =
  • The "organization" parameter can also be called as "company".
  • To include an image, put the name of the file where it says "image name", excluding the word "file" from the front. Example:

| image name = BobaFett.jpg

  • The "hover text" parameter is for the little pop-up text that comes up when your mouse hovers over the image.


The master version of this template is at wmf:Template:User info.